The Guise Of Comedy


Under the guise I can seltzer your face

Insult your race, put you down in disgrace

Under the guise I can poke in your eyes

Justify cries and attack you with pies

The lonely banana peel waits for victims to topple them over and

Under the guise I can never grow old

Fit in the mold, never do what I'm told

Under the guise I can sing out of tune

Spit-take and bow and then laugh like a loon

The tiny clown running toward you will scar you for life and he'll give you balloons

Comedy comedy, you wear it so well

Sometimes it's so tight I can see your head swell

But when the fit's right this hysterical sight can brighten the darkest of nights

When things go haywire tramps and buffoons scale the heights

City lights don't always shine so bright in these modern times, riddled with fright

If I drop my pants right now will it make you smile?

Will hilarity ensue?

Will you laugh and whoop, or will you think that I'm vile?

Comedy comedy, you wear it so well

Sometimes it's so tight I can see your head swell

But when the fit's right you will surely surmise

The prize is the gift of the guise

the gift of the guise is the prize

the prize is the gift of the guise






Sensual Summer


Spring is done

You have won the right to be ridiculous

Come of age

Urges rage

No time to be meticulous

It's obvious you're yearning to engage

Sensual summer

Sensual la-aah-aah-aah

Child at play yesterday

The game has changed in many ways

Carnal dreams intervene

Give in to nature don't delay

You're on display

Your needs are not obscene

Sensual summer

Sensual la-aah-aah-aah

Sensual summer

Sensual summer

Countless choices await

Lust has opened the gate

Cut the line or take the bait

All are glistening now

Will you go on the prowl

There' s someone to show you how

Dance alone

Feet of stone have kept you in a lonely zone

Sea and sand

Hand and hand

Are luring and imploring you

Oh what to do?

By fall where will you stand

Sensual summer

Sensual la-aah-aah-aah

Sensual summer

Sensual summer




  • Strongman And Sonny James 


Born to boredom and poverty 

The sixth of seven progeny 

Dash away now damn it and be free 

Port of Pusan beckons thee 

It’s to be or not to be 

Save yourself and save the world for me 

Whistling tunelessly 

Only he knows where the melody goes 

Heated battles, cold war games 

Fought through hell with Sonny James 

History forgot one of their names 

Yellow bellies left for dead 

Everyone was seeing red 

Sanity was hanging by a thread 

Juvenile soldier flee 

Run like hell and return home safely to me 

Jingling change, he sees all unfortunate hopeless people in need 

Stateside, they would both return 

One to fanfare, one to yearn for heroic opportunity 

One day in the woods were we 

Strongman, Sonny James and me 

That’s the last day that we would be three


Shadow On A Tall Tree 


Shadow on a tall tree looked like a lurker 

Corner cutter jerk at the ladies’ tee 

Sparkle in an eye tasted like resentment, thought I heard a sigh 

Six on the side swelling up with false pride 

Four on the floor, non-committal bore 

Two in the sun ’til the cloudy day’s done, now there’s only one 

Everyone tries and yet some will be despised 

Sparrows ascend as the fates decide 

Shadow on a tall tree shifting as a star decrees 

Fading in the night breeze, vanishing with ease 

Scrambled up and tossed and dropped in a blender 

Set the mean machine at the highest speed 

Call me back in when the verdict is rendered, following your lead 

Everything dies and this will not be revised 

Sparrows descend as the fates decide 

Shadow on a tall tree shifting as a star decrees 

Fading in the night breeze, vanishing with ease 

River god’s son came upon a reflection 

Falling deep in love and the deed was done 

Spent all his last days claiming perfection, hiding from the sun 

Wing it in the morning, wake in the evening 

Servant to the sundown dims the light 

Everything that made sense now is leaving, as the bird takes flight 

Everyone flies, but their wings have been disguised 

Sparrows transcend as the dawn decides 

Shadow on a tall tree shifting as a star decrees 

Fading in the night breeze, vanishing with ease


In The Folly Of Youth 


In the folly of youth lies a burning truth 

In the frivolous times every morning chimes 

When the living is free there’s no misery 

So it is and it was throughout history 

Can you see life’s a comedy 

There’s no tragedy 

March on foolishly 

In the light of the day there is time to play 

In the heat of the war you can rest assured 

All the petty chores can just be ignored 

Reckless games restored from the days of yore 

Once upon a time in a nursery rhyme 

You could always find love and peace of mind 

No one was unkind 

In the folly of youth therein lies the proof 

If you ever forget then you’re sure to lose 

In the shadow of age there’s a seething rage 

There’s a dangerous storm as you turn the page 

But you must engage 

Recall silly days 

Live life as it plays 

Folly is the way


Museum Piece 


Be seen not heard 

Don’t you ever speak a single word 

Please look alive 

Twinkle in her marble eyes 

Well preserved and ancient 

You’re just a museum piece 

Lovely cold and distant, how artfully you tease 

A precious museum piece 

Demanding adoration, though you shall never be released 

You’re on display 

Public exhibition for today 


Cold but not unlovable 

Artifact or fossil 

I had a museum piece 

but lost her to the ages, there’s history to please 

A precious museum piece 

Bonded in an instant, but she shall never be released 

Keep your distance, the placard says it all 

She’d surely crumble if she took a fall 

No insistence could make her come alive 

Glimmer in her marbles eyes 

Graceful in extinction 

Goodbye dear museum piece 

It’s after closing hours and time for you to sleep 

Remember museum piece that you’ll live on forever and I shall never be released 

Stylishly imprisoned and we shall never be released, we shall never be released, we shall never be released


Can You Imagine? 


Where in the world can I capture a break? 

This old town’s been treating me like a snake 

How much more can an imbecile take? 

Can you imagine a mountain made of disillusion? 

Out on the limb of a terminal tree 

Splintering, it snaps at the weight of me 

To the ground I float like a leaf 

Can you imagine an ocean of dissatisfaction? 

I’m drowning in a sea of resentment, indifference and greed 

Could it be that nobody cares? 

Pass me by with nose in the air 

Can you imagine a desert teaming with deception? 

I’m melting in the sand in the land of the quiet despair 

Weather bargain, showbiz jargon 

Can you imagine a fortune waning in a heartbeat? 

I’ve been here and there unaware 

Filing no complaints and it isn’t fair 

But I stayed ‘cause I wouldn’t scare 

Can you imagine an ending with no resolution? 

And now I’m neck deep in the pollution, I’m in disrepair


Heaven Bound 


They speak in cryptic clues and shout disarming news 

Did you know all of the voices are you? 

Sometimes they make no sense, they speak at your expense 

Soft soothing whispers that hide their intents 

If you listen to them you’re doomed 

The false personas assumed 

You’ve been sufficiently groomed 

You go up, up, up, then down to the ground 

Up, up, up, then twisted around 

Up, up, up and into the clouds heaven bound, heaven bound 

Conspire with the voice, desire constant noise 

And you will make an irrational choice 

If you are reckoning that sorrow’s beckoning 

Your prior knowledge won’t lessen a thing 

If you set your sights on the sky 

It doesn’t mean you can fly 

This babel you must decry 

You go up, up, up, then down to the ground 

Up, up, up, to follow the sound 

Up, up, up and into the clouds heaven bound, heaven bound 

You can’t survive this thing with no awakening 

The warning siren is starting to sing 

And this monologue from beyond will never let you respond 

It’s time to sever the bond 

You go up, up, up, then down to the ground 

Up, up, up, throw shade on the town 

Up, up, up and into the clouds heaven bound, heaven bound


The Spoken Word 


The spoken word is for the birds 

Divide in half and then by thirds 

The less you say the more you think 

Some food for thought, too dense to drink 

When all is said and nothing’s done 

And speech rots ‘neath the pepper sun 

No words are uttered,  nothing’s said 

The voices slayed and left for dead 

Embrace the silence that you hear 

It’s all that needs to fill your ear 

The conversations bite the dust 

Dispose of them please and you must 

The din is dead, the bombast gone 

The quiet world will sleep at dawn 

The babel’s mute, the cynic quipped 

Forget the stage, it’s in the script 

The secret code is on the page 

The quiet factions now engage 

A crime waits in your open lips 

The tongues are bitten, no one slips 

Descent must now be scribbled down 

Interpreted without a sound 

But as your expiration nears 

It’s time to toss away your fears 

So fill your lungs and never mourn 

The spoken word has been reborn




Colors spark and ignite 

Lightning strikes an angel’s flight 

Rockets’ red glare stare 

String snaps on a fiery kite 

Flames engulfing the town 

Bright light trigger shoots me down 

Halos crack and spin 

Shattered glass, electric din 

Bombs burst in mid-air 

Firefight, complete despair 

Lava waves ascend 

Brain torch blaze you can’t defend 

Glowing shrapnel flies 

Thumping beast behind the eyes 

Cruel inferno fiend 

Chokes your hope until it dies 

Pounding pounding 

Purging purging 

Pounding pounding 

Purging purging 

Auras Auras 

Bastard evil sun 

Blisters where the shadows run 

Sound and light are twins 

Cohorts where the pain begins 

Auras auras


Aberdeen Vista 


Forty-nine twenty-four was the address on the door 

Friends and toys adorned the row house floor 

Charlie’s resting on the porch, Alice dropped in to explore 

Becky came to play today and more 

Postage stamp of lawn 

Horses been and gone 

Memories passed on 

Oh Aberdeen Vista 

Neighbor’s roses sweet and fine from a garden good and kind 

Brother to a flower was sublime 

I remember on the fourth feeling lonely and divorced 

from a world that I could not endorse 

‘Neath the holly tree lie the bones of thee 

Watch as we run free in Aberdeen Vista 

Clipper ships have sailed 

Politicians jailed 

Birthday cards were mailed 

Locust on a string 

Orange and black birds sing 

Now we live as kings in Aberdeen Vista 

Aberdeen Vista 

Aberdeen Vista


What The Hell Is That Noise? 


Bizarre Trolls down below chase a wayward static radio 

Where does the sound go? 

They’re bludgeoning the walls, but the neighbors they dare not complain 

They’re running a flesh game 

Sibling rivalry from the cradle to catastrophe 

Why is there no mercy? 

The powder keg is set to blow, the sound is deployed 

What the hell is that noise? 

What the hell is that noise? 

The nose pull games commence, now the boredom level’s reached intense 

Violence between friends 

A song not aimed to please, half forgotten faded melodies 

A musical brain freeze 

The shot that’s heard around the room has left you annoyed 

What the hell is that noise? 

What the hell is that noise? 

See everyone in earshot cringe, your world is destroyed 

What the hell is that noise? 

What the hell is that noise? 

The boilermakers flow in the playground at the after show 

We’re watching the grass grow 

Take my nails and sleep in the soil, rest and never weep 

Everyone’s in deep 

The ringing in your aching ears is filling a void 

The chaos legion’s bloody hands have murdered your toys 

What the hell is that noise? 

What the hell is that noise?


The  Monuments


Nobody knows what tomorrow will bring when the drums don’t beat and the birds won’t sing 

Everyone thinks that we’ve got it in hand ’til the servants start refusing to stand 

It’s coming down but we haven’t a sign when the righteous ways will misalign 

Treachery fouls what the order should be as the hordes ignore their destiny 

You work for me, so take a knee at your expense 

I’ll set you free the day that they topple the monuments 

Factions deflated and drifting away, they won’t live to fight another day 

No one’s united, divided we fall, There will be no victor standing tall 

You live in peace upon the gift of my consent 

I’ll set you free the day that they topple the monuments 

The day that they bring down the statues and pulverize the past 

The ghosts will be ground into powder, the graven marble recast 

Stone gods are tumbling and fracturing now and the help won’t rise and the fields won’t plow 

Rope ‘round the neck of an idol dethroned, from the past unbound, never to be owned 

You’ve been set free so mark this paramount event 

Slain effigy, the pivotal death of a monument 

See history the day that they topple the monuments