From the recording The Book of Strongman


Strongman And Sonny James

Born to boredom and poverty
The sixth of seven progeny
Dash away now damn it and be free
Port of Pusan beckons thee
It’s to be or not to be
Save yourself and save the world for me
Whistling tunelessly
Only he knows where the melody goes
Heated battles, cold war games
Fought through hell with Sonny James
History forgot one of their names
Yellow bellies left for dead
Everyone was seeing red
Sanity was hanging by a thread
Juvenile soldier flee
Run like hell and return home safely to me
Jingling change, he sees all unfortunate hopeless people in need
Stateside, they would both return
One to fanfare, one to yearn for heroic opportunity
One day in the woods were we
Strongman, Sonny James and me
That’s the last day that we would be three