From the recording The Book of Strongman


In The Folly Of Youth

In the folly of youth lies a burning truth
In the frivolous times every morning chimes
When the living is free there’s no misery
So it is and it was throughout history
Can you see life’s a comedy
There’s no tragedy
March on foolishly
In the light of the day there is time to play
In the heat of the war you can rest assured
All the petty chores can just be ignored
Reckless games restored from the days of yore
Once upon a time in a nursery rhyme
You could always find love and peace of mind
No one was unkind
In the folly of youth therein lies the proof
If you ever forget then you’re sure to lose
In the shadow of age there’s a seething rage
There’s a dangerous storm as you turn the page
But you must engage
Recall silly days
Live life as it plays
Folly is the way