1. Museum Piece

From the recording The Book of Strongman


Museum Piece

Be seen not heard
Don’t you ever speak a single word
Please look alive
Twinkle in her marble eyes
Well preserved and ancient
You’re just a museum piece
Lovely cold and distant, how artfully you tease
A precious museum piece
Demanding adoration, though you shall never be released
You’re on display
Public exhibition for today
Cold but not unlovable
Artifact or fossil
I had a museum piece
but lost her to the ages, there’s history to please
A precious museum piece
Bonded in an instant, but she shall never be released
Keep your distance, the placard says it all
She’d surely crumble if she took a fall
No insistence could make her come alive
Glimmer in her marbles eyes
Graceful in extinction
Goodbye dear museum piece
It’s after closing hours and time for you to sleep
Remember museum piece that you’ll live on forever and I shall never be released
Stylishly imprisoned and we shall never be released, we shall never be released, we shall never be released