From the recording The Book of Strongman


Can You Imagine?

Where in the world can I capture a break?
This old town’s been treating me like a snake
How much more can an imbecile take?
Can you imagine a mountain made of disillusion?
Out on the limb of a terminal tree
Splintering, it snaps at the weight of me
To the ground I float like a leaf
Can you imagine an ocean of dissatisfaction?
I’m drowning in a sea of resentment, indifference and greed
Could it be that nobody cares?
Pass me by with nose in the air
Can you imagine a desert teaming with deception?
I’m melting in the sand in the land of the quiet despair
Weather bargain, showbiz jargon
Can you imagine a fortune waning in a heartbeat?
I’ve been here and there unaware
Filing no complaints and it isn’t fair
But I stayed ‘cause I wouldn’t scare
Can you imagine an ending with no resolution?
And now I’m neck deep in the pollution, I’m in disrepair