1. Auras

From the recording The Book of Strongman



Colors spark and ignite
Lightning strikes an angel’s flight
Rockets’ red glare stare
String snaps on a fiery kite
Flames engulfing the town
Bright light trigger shoots me down
Halos crack and spin
Shattered glass, electric din
Bombs burst in mid-air
Firefight, complete despair
Lava waves ascend
Brain torch blaze you can’t defend
Glowing shrapnel flies
Thumping beast behind the eyes
Cruel inferno fiend
Chokes your hope until it dies
Pounding pounding
Purging purging
Pounding pounding
Purging purging
Auras Auras
Bastard evil sun
Blisters where the shadows run
Sound and light are twins
Cohorts where the pain begins
Auras auras