1. The Monuments
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The Monuments

Nobody knows what tomorrow will bring when the drums don’t beat and the birds won’t sing
Everyone thinks that we’ve got it in hand ’til the servants start refusing to stand
It’s coming down but we haven’t a sign when the righteous ways will misalign
Treachery fouls what the order should be as the hordes ignore their destiny
You work for me, so take a knee at your expense
I’ll set you free the day that they topple the monuments
Factions deflated and drifting away, they won’t live to fight another day
No one’s united, divided we fall, There will be no victor standing tall
You live in peace upon the gift of my consent
I’ll set you free the day that they topple the monuments
The day that they bring down the statues and pulverize the past
The ghosts will be ground into powder, the graven marble recast
Stone gods are tumbling and fracturing now and the help won’t rise and the fields won’t plow
Rope ‘round the neck of an idol dethroned, from the past unbound, never to be owned
You’ve been set free so mark this paramount event
Slain effigy, the pivotal death of a monument
See history the day that they topple the monuments